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What is a Mentor?

If you were to look at the dictionary definition – a mentor is “an experienced and trusted adviser”. But a mentor from PAHS is a little more.

A mentor at PAHS works under the direct supervision of an allied health professional. They provide therapy focused support with a clear outcome-based approach.

Mentors provide feedback to therapists regarding the progress of the goal, and any concerns that may have arisen to ensure therapists are able to decrease, increase or modify the amount of mentoring required to successfully implement and structure plans.


What do PAHS Mentors do?

Our Mentoring Program supports children, young people and adults with disabilities to develop and build independence and skills. Our staff can provide support and assistance in various environments, for example:

  • A companion to hang out with, go to the movies and have coffee with
  • Go on outings, attend events and activities
  • Be there for the stressful times, when extra support might be needed
  • Support at school, university, and when attending groups
  • House cleaning
  • Gardening and home maintenance
  • Cooking
  • Transport


How do I find the right mentor?

Our mentors come from all walks of life and have very varied backgrounds. At Pearson Allied Health Services we offer mentors to meet specific needs. We like to think outside of the box to best meet your needs. Our mentors work very differently from support workers and you can choose one or even a combination of a mentor and/or support worker.

Our mentors are very special people all with big hearts and caring natures who are ready to support those who need their help.

Our matching process will find you that person that will ‘click’.

We ask our mentors to fill in a comprehensive Getting To Know You form and then we see who might match with a particular client. Often, we then set up a meeting to have a chat and see if both agree that this would work.

If you believe that a mentor is just what you or someone you care for needs, then just pick up the phone and talk to us . We’ve probably got someone that will suit you perfectly.