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“I completed my Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle and then headed straight over to Pearson Allied Health Services to begin my career. I have always enjoyed working with children and consider myself very lucky to be able to improve the lives of kids in South Australia. I am originally from Sydney and when the opportunity arose to work in an entirely new state with a wide multidisciplinary team, how could I say no? 

There are a lot of reasons why PAHS stands out from other practices – it focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses and looks at clients holistically in all areas of their lives. Sessions can be adaptable to ensure that each adult and child is comfortable. If this means receiving therapy whilst in the ball pit or with a sleeping goat on their lap, so be it!

Speech pathology is an incredibly broad profession and can help with voice quality, fluency, specific speech sounds, social skills, behaviour, swallowing and feeding, literacy, listening, alternative communication devices and language (just to name a few). This is what attracted me to speech pathology initially.

The large range of focus areas means that every day at work, I will be looking at something different! My main goal for every assessment and therapy consultation is to make it fun! Each session is tailored to the personality so that the client is motivated and goals can be achieved at a faster rate. 

An area of interest for myself is animal assistive therapy. PAHS has a large collection of animals – chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and soon to be a miniature pig. I know myself, that I am far calmer when patting a rabbit or listening to a cat purr. This is an exciting avenue that PAHS is exploring and I can’t wait to be a part of it.” 


We would like to welcome Jamie to our team!  Jamie is a speech pathologist who has a special interest in working with children and animal assistive therapy. If you would like an appointment with Jamie please call: 83222792 or email: