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Pearson’s Farm

Located in Clarendon about 10 minutes from Morphett Vale

Pearson’s Farm

Pearson’s farm is located in Clarendon about 10 minutes from Morphett Vale. It is the ideal place to relax, enjoy the stunning views or take part in many different farm and animal related activities. We encourage everyone to feed, pat, talk and engage with our many different animals.


  • Meet and feed our farm animals including: goats, sheep, alphas, horses, ponies, donkeys, chickens, ducks and geese.
  • Experience farm life
  • Meet the chickens and collect some fresh eggs
  • Learn about bees and try some farm fresh honey.
  • Participate in different gardening activities, including picking fresh fruit and veggies
  • Use the farm produce to make some yummy food for lunch
  • Meet our horses and do some riding
  • Lead our ponies around the farm and do some pony painting or bob for apples with the ponies
  • Meet native animals including our cute pademelons, sugar gliders and bettongs.
  • Race boats on our dam
  • Enjoy BBQs while watching the sunset
  • Paint the views or do other craft activities
  • Enjoy a homemade Devonshire tea while relaxing
  • Make new friends or simply hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

We cater for both children and adults. To enjoy the farm, you can:

  • Attend one of our farm groups, including animal social time groups, gardening and pony groups.
  • Use NDIS core funding and have one of our mentors bring you up for the morning or the day.
  • Book in for horse riding, use either core of therapy funding
  • Stay at one of our nearby respite houses and visit the farm daily or spend a weekend visiting the farm and nearby attractions.

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