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Horse Adventures Group

Encouraging individuals to share their knowledge

What is it?

Beginner Group

This is a cross between a group and an individual lesson, each participant will have their own horse, a horse instructor, and a therapist to oversee the session and work on goals. Learn the basics of horse care, including ‘kitting up’, grooming, feeding, doing groundwork as well as simple riding and exercises in the round yard.

  • Learn team building skills and how to interact with other people in groups ·Learn about caring for horses
  • Following instructions and social skills

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Intermediate Group

A similar structure to the Beginner Horse Adventure group, but for those who have gone through the basic program or who already have some experience with horses. Learn how to engage with your horse and ride around the PAHS Farm track.

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Who can participate?


PAHS Farm – Clarendom


Prices correct as at July 2023, subject to change.