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Xavier joined the team at Pearson Allied Health Services in 2019. He has worked as an aid with children and adults alike for a number of years and enjoys being able to support and nurture growth in individuals. Xavier has also worked in retail and done volunteer work.

Xavier is a highly active individual, partaking in gym, sports, swimming and many more physical activities. In his free time Xavier also enjoys computer games, music, cars, and sports.

Xavier is passionate about riding his Ninja Kawasaki ZXR 250cc, but he is avid that he will be going to a 650cc MTO 7 sports bike. In his free time if your not catching Xavier riding his bike or training at gym, he will be planted in front of his computer producing music and spending time with his younger siblings. Xavier is highly motivated, and has been described to have contagious positive energy that spreads like a wildfire, he is exceedingly passionate about his hobbies and is incredibly keen to show and mentor individuals in there own passions as Xavier believes that anyone and everyone should have the right to pursue there own dreams.