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Science Afternoon – Week 1

Participants will have the opportunity to use their fine motor skills, communication and social skills to work together to test a range of different experiments!

This activity can be combined with Wallis Cinema to create a full day activity. If you would like to combine these groups, there is an additional charge of $23.48 in addition to the two group costs for care during this time. We ask that you please provide your child with a packed lunch to enjoy during this time.


NDIS Covered Cost: $46.96


Out of Pocket: $10.00


Thursday 19th December, 2pm – 4pm (PAHS House, in Hackham)

2:00pm: Participants arrive at the PAHS House, in Hackham.

2:05pm: Participants will create a variety of exciting and fun experiments!

4:00pm: Pickup