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Pony Group

We are offering a Pony group, in which participants will have the opportunity to gain skills in caring for horses and other animals on our PAHS Farm. This group will provide opportunities to address a multitude of goals including: improving self-esteem and reducing anxiety; developing social skills, communication confidence, and facilitating overall language development.

The 11-week group program will cover: catching & leading a pony, horse theory, grooming & plaiting a pony, feeding a horse, meeting our other farm animals, obstacle courses & other group activities to develop social & communication skills.

We will also finish the course off with a ‘gymkhana’ in which participants will be given the opportunity to use their skills in a variety of activities, in which parents are welcome to attend.

NDIS COST: $77.70

Mondays, Ages 6 – 17 years

4:00pm – 5:30pm

Mondays February 1st – April 5th

PAHS Farm, 89 Gosse Road, Clarendon.