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Martial Arts – Action Quest

We are excited to announce our Martial Arts group. This martial arts group has been designed for young people with disabilities who may have disengaged from other, more traditional therapies, and struggle with bullying, social skills, emotional regulation and awareness, and gross motor skills. Jointly facilitated by PAHS therapists and Shane Neville, a 4th degree Black Belt in Zen Do Kai and Krav Maga.

This program will focus on teaching the skills to read the environment and either avoid conflict situations or to defuse any potential threats, in addition to teaching self-defence strategies, discipline and self-control, and self-confidence and self-regulation. Through martial arts activity, you will improve your hand-eye coordination; speed, agility and balance; gross motor skills and strength.

Starting Week 1 of Term 3, this program is designed as a two term program (20 sessions), at the end of which you will receive a Yellow Belt in Zen Do Kai.


Action Quest

3:45pm – 4:45pm

Mondays, Starting July 23rd