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Managing Director and Speech Pathologist (BSpPath)
Karen Pearson - Pearson Allied Health Services Adelaide

Karen first became fascinated in the practice of Speech Pathology after two of her own children needed a Speech Pathologist. This interest led to Karen returning to University and completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) in 2007. Since this time, Karen has worked in both the Government and Private sectors in health, education and disabilities, with infants, children and adults. Karen’s passion was always in working with people with disabilities and making a positive difference in their lives and those of their families. It was this passion, and her own experience accessing Speech Pathology services for her children that led Karen to founding Pearson Allied Health Services in 2014, with the overarching goal of providing the type of service she was looking for herself as a parent.

As Managing Director, Karen is responsible for identifying and developing new service opportunities, networking with other organisations and driving growth. As a Speech Pathologist, Karen helps to oversee the Speech Pathology team, and investigates new assessments and resources to be used by the team.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) from Flinders University.


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