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The garden will be incorporated into the OT studio.

PAHS are currently searching for the right OT’s to enhance our existing team of allied professionals. Only OT’s who understand that seamlessly integrating therapy with enjoyment is the key to getting the very best outcomes need apply.

We work with both adults and paediatric clients, and have an impressive range of equipment and different innovative spaces. For example, our new OT studio currently under construction is over 14 metres long and 7 metres wide. But then add to that almost an acre of land where we have a range of outdoor equipment, including a winding bike track with street signs that help children and young people keep safe around traffic.

Interaction with animals can have significant benefits.

One of the most popular additions with our staff is our animal enclosure, where clients can have the chance to interact with chickens, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals, and the grounds will also include a sensory garden and a vegetable and herb garden offering a range of visual, sensory, textural and taste experiences. The new OT studio is behind the fully functional PAHS house, which is where functional  life skills, such as cooking, laundry etc are taught by OT’s and DE’s (Development Educators).

So does this sound like a place you want to work? Well, we are unique and we are looking for some pretty unique therapists. So do the words ‘quirky’, ‘passionate’, and ‘innovative’ resonate?  Do you really walk the talk and wants to help people? Are you prepared to commit?

If so ‘click here‘ to learn a bit more about us and if you like what you see, we encourage you to apply.

A fully functioning home laundry used as part of the home skills program.

Who doesn’t love a ball pit? Certainly our OT’s do!

The kitchen can be used for one on one cooking training or with groups of up to 4