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All about us

Vision and Values

We strive to incorporate our vision and values into all aspects of our work to ensure a quality service and help us to achieve our mission.

We strive to maintain an accessible and flexible service to ensure that individuals and their families are not disadvantaged or excluded due to their disability, location or availability.

We collaborate and work with other organisations and services to ensure the individuals we work with and their families are supported and to ensure that comprehensive and consistent approaches are used.

We are committed to providing an inclusive service to any person with a disability and do not discriminate based on age, gender, race/nationality or ability.

We utilise a person-centred and family-centred approach in our services, working in an equal partnership with each person and their family to ensure there is a mutually respectful and trusting relationship between us and those we work with.

We endeavour to meet the unique and varied needs of the individuals we work with and their families and respond to these as quickly as possible, to ensure services are affective.

We are honest and open, to ensure that all individuals understand our services, our limitations and any associated fees for service.

We persevere to provide a high quality service to all those we work with and their families that meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

Our Story

Est. 2014

Pearson Allied Health Services was founded in 2014 by Karen Pearson, a Speech Pathologist with experience working with children and adults with disabilities in both the Government and Private sectors. Karen’s motivation for starting Pearson Allied Health Services was to provide families with the type of service that she wanted when she required Speech Pathology services for two of her own children. This motivation underpins our goal to provide a high quality, person and family centred service to families throughout South Australia.


With the commencement and rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia, Participants and families now have the freedom and flexibility to choose their service providers that best meet their unique needs. By providing a high quality service and meeting the unique and individual needs of the individuals we support and their families, Pearson Allied Health Services has expanded from Karen working as a sole trader to a diverse, multidisciplinary team of staff, with a range of unique skills, strengths and backgrounds.


We are excited to be a part of the continued rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia and to continue working with South Australians with disabilities to ensure they get the supports and services they need to live a quality and wholesome life.

Family Advisory Group

Meeting the needs of our Community

Feedback from our Participants, families, carers and the community is important to all of us at the Pearson Allied Health Services team. This information helps us to ensure we continue to provide a high quality services that meets the needs of our community. To assist us in this, our Family Advisory Group meet regularly to discuss and provide feedback on our current programs and services, proposed programs and our policies and procedures. Our Family Advisory Group consists of a mix of current Pearson Allied Health Services Participants and their parents, guardians and carers.


For more information about our Family Advisory Group and to learn how to register your interest, please contact our administration team on (08) 8322 2792 or via email at

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