What’s the Buzz?

An engaging and interactive program

What’s the Buzz? is an engaging and interactive program that is delivered through direct teaching, role-play, quizzes and fun in an encouraging group.  What’s the Buzz? aims to teach children a range of skills including:

  • Understand their feelings and emotions
  • Dealing with worry and anxiety
  • How to respond to rejection and bullying
  • Strategies to use positive thinking and emotional regulation to handle challenging situations


Participants are supported by our team of therapists and mentors to develop skills in three essential areas:

  • Social Action: Developing what is socially acceptable is certain situations, social action focusses on building the confidence to carry out pro-social behaviours. What’s the Buzz? provides opportunities to develop and practise these skills in a supportive environment.
  • Social Thinking: Understanding others social behaviours, including developing an understanding of what body language and facial cues mean, and how this can help to determine if a behaviour is intentional or accidental, or if someone is serious or joking.
  • Social Observation/ Social Referencing: Being able to take in what is happening around you and then matching behaviour to suit the context.

Who can participate?

What’s the Buzz? is suitable for all children, especially those who struggle to understand the complexities of social situations and norms.  The program has been proven to be successful in empowering children with higher functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning difficulties, anxiety, shyness and social phobias.

Early Learners Program: The Early Learners group is for 5 to 8 year olds.

Primary Program: The Primary group is for 8 to 15 year olds.


Pearson Allied Health Services – Morphett Vale Clinic

Unit 1, 118 Main South Road, Morphett Vale


$87.78 per session – 16 week program is a total cost of $1,404.48

Next Program

The next round of What’s the Buzz? programs is expected to start Term 3, 2018.