Our Team

Our Commitment to our families and the local Community

Our Commitment to our Community

At Pearson Allied Health Services, we strive to be a leader in the disability sector, providing a range of individual and group services to assist people with disabilities to live a quality and wholesome life and to engage in their local community. We provide tailored and person-centred services to over 400 South Australians with disabilities throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

I strongly believe that each and every person with a disability deserves the right to live the fullest and most fulfilling life. No person should be unable to participate in activities of their choice or have the ability to access their community limited due to inadequate facilities, accessibility, training or negative stigmas. Myself and my team will advocate to the best of our abilities to ensure any person with a disability has an equal opportunities to live their best life possible.

– Karen Pearson

We strive to lead change in our local community by addressing the publics’ perspectives by building greater knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities. This includes communicating with local businesses, school, aged care facilities and health providers to build their capacity to work with people with disabilities and ensure their services are appropriate and accessible.


Our Commitment to our Staff.

We recognise that our team is our most important asset and as such we strive to maintain a positive, supportive and happy workplace. At Pearson Allied Health Services, we pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, drawing on the strengths, different experiences and backgrounds of our team to meet the unique and varied needs of our Participants.

We understand that to meet the unique needs of our Participants, not only do we need a diverse team, but we also need a highly skilled team, who employ evidence based practices throughout their work. We maintain this through our comprehensive staff training program that includes regular in-house and external professional development opportunities. This is complemented by our team of Senior Therapists who bring a wealth of knowledge from both the public and private sector and complete regular supervision sessions with all staff to ensure they are supported and best practice approaches are utilised.

Karen Pearson

Managing Director

Quality service requires a team! Meet ours…

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