About Our Services

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Therapy Services

At Pearson Allied Health Services, we understand that each individual has their own unique needs and interests, and as such we offer a broad range of services to meet these. Our services are designed and tailored so that they can be effective when utilised independently, or when multiple services are used simultaneously, allowing for a comprehensive and collaborative approach. We work to develop new and unique strategies and programs to assist individuals to develop their skills, without becoming bored or disinterested.


If there is a service or program that you would like to see us offer, please contact our team and let us know.

Our Services

Behaviour Support

Behavioural interventions to identify challenging behaviours and develop strategies to reduce the severity or frequency of them.

Varies depending on complexity
Our team of Developmental Educators, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers, working closely with our extended therapy team will conduct interviews and observations to develop a dynamic behaviour support plan to implement with all members of the individuals support network.
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Creative Therapy

An umbrella term for many different forms of therapy that utilise creative arts to address anxiety, emotional regulation and communication.

1/Hour Sessions
The focus of Creative Therapy is on expression and the creative journey and not on the technical skills behind the creation, so artistic skills are not required or necessary. Individuals are encouraged to use sessions to explore their emotions through the use of different art mediums, creating an experience of expression.
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Developmental Education

Working with the individual and those around them to develop independent living skills and strategies to better understand and manage emotions.

1/Hour Sessions
This is done through a mixture of direct therapy sessions with the individual, skill development and training for the individuals support network, and information gathering and observations of the individual engaging in different tasks and interactions across their natural environments.
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Occupational Therapy

Implementing strategies to improve an individual’s fine and gross motor skills, sensory needs and to begin developing functional life skills.

1/Hour Sessions
Our Occupational Therapists work closely with the individual and those around them to develop skills and strategies to help the individual complete everyday activities and tasks that are essential to living independently and engaging in their community.
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Speech Pathology

Developing a reliable means of communication, so that any individual can communicate their wants, needs and feelings to those around them.

1/Hour Sessions
Communication is an essential skill to be an active and engaged member of your community, so having an appropriate method of communication is essential. Our Speech Pathologists understand this and can work with you to develop these skills and find alternative means of communication to give each and every person an opportunity to live their fullest life.
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Training & Consultancy

Opportunities to develop skills and understanding on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, specialised training programs, or general training around different therapies and strategies.

Whether a parent or loved one of someone with disabilities, someone currently working with someone with disabilities or in the disabilities sector, or someone hoping to start their career, training and further development of your skills is essential. Our training programs have been developed to provide vital skills to best work with an individual with disabilities to ensure their needs are met. Our consultancy services have been developed to assist small to medium sized providers transition to the NDIS and to provide the skills and knowledge required to provide a high-quality services to individuals.
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