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About Our Groups

All about our group programs

Group Programs are a great way to learn social skills, develop functional life skills and mix with peers in a supportive environment. To help facilitate this growth and development, we offer a range of therapy led or community and recreational focused programs that run as school term programs, school holiday programs, or one off groups.


All our group sessions are run by trained therapists who work towards identified goals and outcomes.  These therapists include; Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Creative Therapists, Developmental Educators and Social Workers.  Through our therapy led mentoring program, highly skilled mentors can also assist, providing 1:1 support for individuals who require additional support.


Click on the images below for information about some of our popular programs.


If there is a past group that we have run that you would like us to run again, or another group program that you would like us to offer, please let our team know by sending an email to

School Holiday Programs

In addition to our range of school term programs, we offer a range of therapy, functional and life skill and community access programs during school holiday periods. Our school holiday programs also offer an opportunity for young people to begin to develop their independence and self-identity.


Therapy Led Programs: Facilitated by a Pearson Allied Health Services therapies, these groups focus on skill development and have been designed with therapeutic outcomes. These groups are normally held in one of our clinics and can be funded through either the core or capacity funding lines of a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan.


Community Access and Social Programs: Our community access and social programs utilise a mixture of our therapy and mentoring team staff, engaging in a minimum staff to participant ratio of 1 to 3. This allows our team to closely monitor and guide individual, help to develop problem solving and social skills, and ensure all individuals are safe and happy at all times. These groups are capped at a maximum group size of 12 participants to ensure individuals are not overwhelmed by large group sizes.


We offer a range of half and full day programs, both in the community and in one of our clinics. For community based groups, we utilise both public transport and private transport through private coach rentals. When using public transport, we provide training and guidance to participants on how to catch public transport prior to departure.


Our Community Access and Social Programs can be funded using the core funding line from a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan, however some activities may have a small out of pocket cost for costs not funded by an NDIS plan, but these will be clearly stated in our program guides.

Term Programs

We offer a range of term-based group programs which focus on developing functional life skills and social skills. Below are some of our popular term-based group programs, for more information about each of the groups, please click on the links below.


Social Group

Our very popular Minecraft group focusses on social skills and communication while providing opportunities for participants to make friends and interact with others who have similar interests.
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What’s the Buzz?

Social Skills Program

What’s the Buzz? Is a 16-week social skills program that focusses on increasing emotional awareness and social skills in school aged children. Used in many schools across Australia, What’s the Buzz? helps children develop functional social skills in a supportive setting. Divided into two age groups (Early Learner’s Program and the Primary Program), the classes focus on age-specific goals and needs.
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Social Imagination

Joint Art Therapy and Speech Pathology program

Social Imagination is a joint Art Therapy and Speech Pathology program, that uses art to explore and develop social skills and to begin introducing strategies to self-regulate emotions and behaviours.
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Movers and Groovers

For the one who love to dance.

Facilitated by an Occupational Therapist who has a passion for both music and dance, Movers and Groovers provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their gross motor skills in a group setting through rhythmic action and song.
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Cooking Goals

Designed to introduce participants to basic cooking skills

Cooking Goals is designed to introduce participants to basic cooking skills, through introduction and development of a range of functional skills, whilst also working in small teams to further develop participant’s social skills. Individuals are taught how to be safe in a kitchen, basic hygiene skills and are encouraged to develop a sense of adventure by exploring new foods, textures, tastes and smells in the kitchen.
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Creation Explanation

Our creative Lego group

Our creative Lego group centres around problem solving, team work, following instructions, developing fine motor skills, communication and social skills.
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Teeny Poppers

Dance Group for Girls

Teeny Poppers is a 10 week dance and social skills group for 10 to 16 year old girls. During sessions, participants will learn principles of dance, and will discuss relevant topics, such as friendship, bullying and self-image. The program will finish with a performance session.

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